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Helping build strong company culture one lunch at a time. Shuffl is a Slack app that pairs employees using an algorithm and sends them to lunch.

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How to use Shuffl


Add to Slack & setup

Add Shuffl to Slack using the button above then follow prompts to setup day and frequency of shuffls.


Join the Slack group

Invite all the users who wish to participate to the Slack Shuffl channel. Only users who've joined this chat will be Shuffl'd.


Get Shuffl'd

On the specified day and frequency, users will be Shuffl'd into pairs and added to a Slack group to pick a day and location.

Encourage cross-team collaboration

Cross-team collaboration brings fresh insights, innovative solutions, and encourages creative minds to pool ideas together. When different minds playing different roles are brought together, they take better risks, make smarter mistakes, and spur innovation and creativity.

Improve and maintain great company moral

Employee engagement makes a big difference to the overall productivity of organizations. Pairing employees for lunch boosts team bonding, improves workplace dynamics, combats silo mentality, and bridges communication gaps.

Speed up onboarding

Pairing employees of various experience get new employees up to speed effortlessly and fast. It teaches individuals how they contribute to the overall business, shortens the learning curve, increases productivity, and improves job satisfaction and retention.

Frequently asked questions

What does "pairing" mean? How does Shuffl pair people?

Shuffl selects 2 to 5 people, introduces them via a group in Slack, and encourages them to meet for lunch!

On a regular basis Shuffl takes all the members of a specified Slack channel, puts them together into pairs, and then sends a DM to each of the pairs encouraging them to meet for lunch in-person or over video if they're in different locations.

How does Shuffl pick who gets paired?

Shuffl tries to pair people who don't frequently interact with each other, which it determines by keeping track of who it has paired in the past so that it can avoid repeats. Shuffl doesn't look at any channel content, messages, or message data to pick the pairs.

How often does Shuffl pair people?

You can choose to have Shuffl pair every week, every other week, or every four weeks. You can view or change the frequency in your team's settings by talking to the @shuffl bot. We recommend starting with biweekly pairings and adjusting from there if that's too frequent or not frequent enough for your team.

What time do the pairings happen?

Shuffl sends the pairings at 10 a.m. in your team's local time.

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